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PT Services

Movement Improvement

Physical Therapy

Joint pain, muscle strains, tendonitis and plantar fasciitis are just some of the conditions that can be treated with physical therapy. If an injury or painful condition has limited your movement, physical therapy is the answer. For detailed information on our physical therapy services, click here.



Movement-Improvement Dance Medicine

As a dancer, you create art through the movement of your body. Loss of movement is the worst thing that can happen to a dancer. After a 10-year career as a professional dancer and over 15 years of practicing dance medicine, Dr. Taylor understands the unique needs of dancers. He knows how to treat dance injuries and related conditions as well as teaching dancers how to avoid injury.


Movement Improvement Fall Risk Reduction

The injuries that result from a fall can be devastating and costly. A fall has the potential to impact all members of a family. Circumstances that can lead up to a fall are called risk factors, and by reducing these risk factors one can reduce the risk of falling. Dr. Taylor gives lectures and workshops on fall risk reduction and works personally with clients to develop programs designed to increase mobility, improve stability, and reduce the risk of falling for people at risk.


Movement ImprovementMassage Therapy

Massage therapy is not just for the spa. Therapeutic and medical massage is a proven technique that is often incorporated into your physical therapy session. You don’t need to be a dancer or an athlete to benefit from this type of hands-on treatment.




Movement ImprovementExercise Programs

Once we get you moving, we want to keep you moving. That is why we create exercise programs and instructional videos for our clients to download and follow at home as part of our CONTINUED CARE PROGRAM. These programs are customized for a clients’ specific needs. As your movement continues to improve, we will adjust your program accordingly at your request.