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Physical Therapy

Movement Improvement

Movement Improvement – Physical Therapy offers a variety of rehabilitation and wellness services designed to treat dance and sport-related injuries, movement restrictions, and balance conditions.

Our physical therapy treatments combine intensive hands-on, manual therapy techniques and extensive physical education, instruction, and motivation to help you reach your physical goals.  Your physical therapy treatments are personalized according to your needs, creating a one-on-one session as unique as you are. Our movement specialists create a Movement Improvement program that lasts a lifetime.

We offer comprehensive physical therapy services for many types of injuries and conditions.

Conditions Solutions
Dance Specific Injuries Manual Therapy Techniques
Sports Related Injuries Kinesio Taping / Therapeutic Massage
Fall Related Injuries Mobility/Stability Treatment Plans
Joint Pain / Muscle Strains Joint Mobilization / Myofascial Release
Tendonitis / Plantar Fasciitis Ultrasound / Electronic Stimulation
Acute Sprains / Chronic Pains Cupping / Iontophoresis
Tissue Adhesions / Arthritic Pains Soft-Tissue Mobilization / Paraffin Wax

Is Physical Therapy for You?

Movement Improvement

Physical therapy is a highly-skilled medical profession designed to identify the signs and symptoms contributing to body pain, movement loss and daily functional limitations. After the assessment, the therapist works with you personally to create a treatment plan focused on reaching your goals and improving your movement.

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No Referrals Necessary!

Our Doctor of Physical Therapy is qualified to treat you right away, without seeing your primary doctor first. Notify your health insurance provider to confirm reimbursement. Follow the link below to choose an appointment time or contact us through our online form.

Physical Therapy Specialties

Dance Medicine Fall Risk Reduction
“I have over 15 years of experience in treating professional and pre-professional dancers (plus 10 years as one myself!). My knowledge of the physical and emotional demands on a dancer, combined with extensive training in manual therapy techniques, has placed me at the forefront of dance medicine doctors.”

– Gregory Taylor, PT, DPT, Owner

We specialize in creating personalized patient programs that focus on improving mobility and stability, thus reducing a person’s risk of falling. We use researched measurement tools to track progress, and we do patient follow-up for life!

Helpful Physical Therapy Information

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