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Movement Improvement Over 15 Years of Experience

People of all ages and backgrounds have benefitted from our experience with therapeutic intervention and our unique approach to helping you achieve your maximum movement potential. Our Director of Physical Therapy has worked and travelled with top-rated ballet companies and many Broadway shows using hands-on therapy techniques to help performers around the world achieve their maximum movement potential. We provide personalized top-quality health care that is geared to your specific needs and goals.

Movement Improvement Physical Therapist Gregory Taylor Honored with High Ranking

Opencare has just finished its New York Physical Therapy Rankings for 2015 and Gregory P. Taylor, PT, DPT, is ranked in the Top 20! Congratulations to Gregory and his Movement Improvement team!

Dr. Gregory P. Taylor, PT, DPT, Recognized by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in Physical Therapy
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Our Office, Our Neighborhood…

Our Founder

Movement Improvement Gregory P. Taylor, PT, DPT was born in San Francisco, CA, raised in Eugene, OR and has worked professionally in New York City since 1985. Gregory first moved to NYC with big dreams of dancing with the Joffrey Ballet company after seeing them perform at the San Francisco Opera House. After selling his belongings and saying his good-byes, he traveled to New York and quickly received a scholarship at the Joffrey Ballet School, where the real work would indeed begin.

“Commitment, perseverance, and integrity are the top three character traits I gained from
my ballet training days where success and failure was a daily occurrence. I wouldn’t change a thing. Once I became a dancer with the Joffrey Ballet I gained an artistic appreciation that will last my lifetime. Touring the world and performing internationally, collaborating and creating, I came to understand the importance and power of personal expression through movement.”

Gregory P. TaylorDr. Taylor discovered physical therapy as a patient first, having a positive and eventually profound effect on his life’s journey. After graduation, he became a physical therapist for the New York City Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet, Ballet Frankfurt, countless Broadway shows and even touring as the physical therapist for Disney’s “The Lion King.”

Gregory also spent 8 years as Associate Professor and Director of Physical Therapy at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine, but has now committed full-time to his private practice in Brooklyn Heights where he lives with his wife and daughter. He continues to give lectures on Fall Risk Reduction and holds workshops on dance injury prevention and rehabilitation.

His next big dream is to improve health care as we know it…

“I created Movement Improvement as a response to the current state of health care and the trend towards quantity over quality. My response: collaborate! By creating just the right multi-discipline approach to patient treatment, you can provide health care that becomes a positive experience for both the care-giver and the patient. Whatever changes lie ahead for the health care industry are best encountered together. It may even take a movement…”

Movement Improvement

Dr. Taylor kayaking with his daughter

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